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affordable eye care options for families

How many people in your household wear glasses or contact lenses? When there are multiple people in one household that wear corrective lenses, it can be hard to keep up with the expense of having regular exams and updated prescriptions filled. What can you do to stay on top of the important exams without breaking the bank? This blog is all about affordable eye care options. You will learn tips that can help to ensure that everyone in your home can see clearly and maintains their healthy eyes. Hopefully, the things that I have tried with my family will help you with yours.

How To Help Reduce Sun Glare When You Wear Glasses

If you have less than perfect eyesight, you most likely wear corrective lenses to help you sharpen your vision as you do your daily activities. Sun glare often becomes troublesome, making it difficult to see at all, especially if you normally wear glasses. Here are a few ways you can block the glare of the sun when you need corrective lenses.

Prescription Sunglasses

Head to your optometrist's office to see what types of prescription sunglasses they have available. If you enjoy a pair of sunglasses for the beach without wanting to wear your everyday pair of glasses, a pair of prescription sunglasses are a great alternative. You will enjoy the look of sunglasses with the luxury of vision correction all in one piece. They do not appear to look like regular frames, making you feel as if you have a summer look. There are several designer frames available, making them a trendy apparel addition for those who wish to dress up a bit.

Tinted Glasses

Most standard frames allow you the option in having tinted glass applied within, making them a great choice for those who do not wish to carry around a separate pair of sunglasses. When the light gets bright, the glass will tint on its own, giving you ample shade in front of your eyes very quickly. When you go back to a shaded area, the tinting feature ceases, leaving you with clear glass once again.

Glasses Shield

If you do not wish to pay for a separate pair of sunglasses or if you don't want to get a whole new pair of glasses with tinting at this time, you can always look for a shaded glasses shield. These clip-on pieces will place an extra layer of shaded plastic in front of your normal glasses. The downside with these are you risk scratching your regular set of glasses if you scrape the shield against them. They also may not come available in the same frame style as your normal glasses, making them quite noticeable. If you are not concerned about your looks and more about having shade in front of your eyes, this is a cheap method you can try.

Brimmed Hats

If you are unable to get to your optometrist's office, you can look in your closet for a visor or baseball cap. While these won't provide as much shade, they can be a big help if you are in the sun for an extended time. Wide-brimmed sun hats can also be helpful in blocking the sun from reaching your face, allowing you to continue seeing through your glasses without the glare.

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